Wednesday, July 20, 2011

West Central MN. 7/10/11

Being late to the party as usual this season, and after a trooper "meet and greet" in between Starbuck and Cyrus (She said I was her second of the day. Let me off with a warning however...)

I decided to make my way up 75 to Wheaton MN. and wait. Gave me a chance to take some time lapse of the leading edge/shelf that was making its way through and to shoot some structure. Although the structure wasn't what I would call "photogenic" by any means.

One of the cells that was north of me went tornado warned. So, I decided to try for an intercept. After two particularly nasty bursts came across my vehicle almost sending me off 75 and being without a chase partner myself, I decided to remain on the pavement and let the storm roll over me. Surprising how much sustained energy that cell had.

Once I got on the backside. It simply became a losing battle to try to maintain any sort of viewing.

Came back down south on 55 toward Glenwood to attempt another intercept but, by that time it had gained a fair amount of speed and at that point I gave up due to the shortness of light and patience...

The "Half Tank" Rule sure paid off for me this trip. Sauk Centre? Dark. Melrose? Dark. Freeport as well. Then due to the squall line filling in, it made it virtually impossible to exit and fuel up. Wasn't until Rogers able to pull off and fuel up. The canopy over me looked like it was gonna get peeled back like a sardine can while I was under it.

I surfed the leading edge of that line all the way home. 94 was a mess...

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