Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Centerville MN 7/30/2011

Enjoyed dinner with family members in WBL as we watched the storms progress from the North and West and after dinner, asked my brother-in-law if he was interested in joining me in a short chase.

By then, things were progressing through the Cambridge area and headed our direction. We settled on a cul-de-sac in Centerville for our viewing. As seems to be the case this season, as we approached the storm from the south, the visible cloud to cloud was incredible! As soon as we got situated and cameras set up, the lightning became more obscured as the storm mode changed.

But we did manage to get a few shots:


But wait! what the hell is this?


Lightning telling you what direction it's going?


Decided to part company with the telegraphic storm as the leading edge approached. We raced home to have a beer in our hands before the front met us.

Entire chase duration? Less than 90 minutes.

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