Monday, January 30, 2012

Minnesota Storm Chasing Convention 1/14/2011

Over two hundred chasers from around the region converged on the Kelly Inn in Plymouth MN on January 14 2011, for the 3rd Annual Minnesota Storm Chasing Convention. Chasers get a little antsy around this time of year so it's a great way to get together for a few hours and watch some great presentations. I enjoy being able to place faces with names that pop up on the chase radar during the season and trade stories of the previous season.

Of course the best part was that all of the proceeds of the day's event were given to Habitat for Humanity and the work that they're doing to put peoples lives back together from last years tornado that damaged many homes in North Minneapolis. Over $3400 dollars was raised for the cause.

Special recognition goes out to Michael Stanga, his wife Lisa, of and Dean Baron for organizing this years event.

The keynote speaker this year was Reed Timmer of who I must say, In person? comes off as a very likeable guy as opposed to the hyperactive, over-the-top, character portrayed in Discovery Channel's program Stormchasers. A little drama ensued when it was claimed on another storm chasing blog that Reed had announced at the convention that the show had been cancelled. It did indeed come out later that the show had in fact been cancelled but, was never announced at the convention as claimed.

The program had become quite a joke to the storm chasing community at large due to the dramatic editing that went on over the run of the series. It became more about the interpersonal relationships between chasers and less about the storms they were chasing. Unfortunately, it went the way of many of Discovery's shows. Too much flash and very little substance.

Todd Krause/NWS Chanhassen

Michael Stanga

Dr. Bob Conzemius

HFH Check Presentation

Reed Timmer

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