Monday, January 30, 2012

A Very Lucky Break.

I found this while going through last year's chase videos. I was chasing alone in SD last July and had intercepted probably the best storm I was going to be able to prior to sundown.

Everything was falling into place for the possibility of a nicely backlit tornado. The cell had produced several wall clouds and I had gotten into position to shoot some video. I had no sooner than gotten my equipment set up and the cell deteriorated.

But redevelopment was occurring right over my head. I made a dash a couple of miles further down the road to reposition.

One problem. I left my expensive HD camcorder on the roof of my truck.

The video is recording my reaction to the realization that I drove off with the camera on the roof. It's pretty damn funny now in hind-sight.

Incredible as it may seem, it survived the ordeal with just a couple of scratches. It had jammed itself in between the roof of my truck and the roof rack. I drove back to a point five miles away at high speed where I was previous to find it there.

The cell ended up producing nothing. It was a lesson learned:

Make damn sure you keep track of your gear when out of the vehicle and never take out more than you can stow away in seconds in case you find yourself in a position to bail out of the area quickly.

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