Sunday, March 25, 2012

The "Professional" Chaser.

I just wanted to respond to a posting authored by Chris Sanner on his Blog: Raze the Bar. on Sunday, March 25th 2012.


Welcome to the world of irrelevancy.

I say the above with a bit of tongue-in-cheek attitude. That being said, take the advice of someone who has been in the business of broadcasting/video production for over 30 years.

Never, EVER, take this business as one to be predicted. You will get burned every time. If your business model doesn't reflect this, you will always be behind the eight ball. "Better, Faster, Cheaper. Pick Two" is an old NASA mantra that unfortunately made it's way into the business of production many years ago on the heels of the entry of our old friend:


Chris, I've read your blog entries and you seem to be a very articulate visionary but, you're beginning to see a very fickle side that those of us in the business any length of time comes to find out:

Technology changes the rules of the game, every day. Technology wins every time.

And that change requires us to evolve and adapt, or die.

Unfortunately, the changes in technology that have come unto chasing while cool, will kill off its relevancy. The Genie is out of the bottle so to speak. And as I'm sure you've discovered, the Genie is not cheap to feed.

We can thank Skype for practically overnight eliminating remote news engineers. Now, we can thank the smartphone for the slow death of news photographers. Quantity over quality is how the news business responds to "Better, Faster, Cheaper" if it inures to the bottom line. And as long as you've got people looking for their fifteen minutes of fame with a smartphone in their fist? It doesn't take a PhD in economics to figure out which wins.

My advice?

Chase for enjoyment. Not as a brand.


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