Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Remembering 5/22/2011

Today marks the one year anniversary of the North Minneapolis tornado.

Coincidentally, it also marks the 1st anniversary of the F5 tornado that hit Joplin MO later the same day.

Since I never did post a log for this chase last year, I'll post it as a remembrance.

I decided to chase the southern line but got a late start due to my waffling about and re-thinking the setup. Of course, hindsight now says "you should've stayed home" But I was looking to chase a line that was forming parallel to Hwy 52 south of the cities.

And if I would've gotten my act together earlier, I probably could've gotten something for my effort(s)
But, I sat in the driveway just long enough to put me out of play no matter how far and how fast I dove south. It completely blew my intercept timing.

So, I played "catch as catch can" and I set my sights on a cell just passing to the north of Kenyon MN. Perhaps the near miss I had in Randolph MN the year prior would average out and I'd get the goods since no one else was on the storm at that time.

Well, it WAS north of Kenyon. So, the race was on...

Clearly, this cell became out of my reach as it bee-lined toward Wisconsin. Sat in Zumbrota MN. deciding If I should head to SE MN. with the hopes of catching a later convergence. My day was done when the reports from north Minneapolis began to filter in. Then Fridley, then Forest Lake...

Urrgh. It was the realization that I could have mowed the lawn, had a beer, got in the truck for a lazy 5 mile drive to intercept the Forest Lake storm had my senses told me to stay in the driveway. Instead, I took the 158 mile round trip to bustville. Licking my wounds, I headed north for home while monitoring the radio for damage reports.

The final kick in the gut was the later activity in SE MN and SW WI that I could have gotten in on had I aborted the first chase of the day and concentrated on getting deeper SE.

I learned a lot that day.

A summary of the day from Minneapolis (MPX) and La Crosse (ARX) WFO's

But the worse was yet to come for Joplin MO. Here is the summary of that horrible outbreak from the Springfield MO WFO.

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