Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Central MN 06/10/12 Slight Risk

Well, this one was a coin flip. North or South. Models were hinting at initiation north earlier in the day as the cold front slipped in from the Dakotas. So I decided to hedge my bet and while focusing for a northern storm, give myself an out for a South/West reroute.

Highway 10 became my initial route while eyeballing Milaca MN as my target for initiation. As I proceeded up MN Hwy 10, it appeared that initation would occur west of my position so, rather than travel up Hwy 169 as originally planned, I dove across to Hwy 94 from Big Lake.

As I continued up 94, the cells originally observed on radar came and went. Chose to sit for a bit in St. Cloud MN to see how things would firm up. Towers began to appear to my west giving me some hope I'd made the right choice.

I decided to continue with my original plan of parking in Milaca MN as the line progressed eastward letting the line come to me and maybe lessen the driving a bit. As predicted, the storm mode began as broken line segments but within an hour or so began to line out. I was really hoping for cells to hold together separately for longer but, I took the gamble and lost that bid.

I ended my wait in Milaca and took off North to grab a part of the line that appeared to be intensifying. By this time it was pretty clear my chase day was over for seeing any tornadoes but maybe I could salvage it grabbing some structure and lightning shots. Grabbed a nice 6 shot panel as what remained of this cell approached me in Benton County at MN25 and Co. Rd 12.

And in my driveway later as the line came over the metro, I grabbed these shots:

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