Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Forest Lake MN 5/28/12

Trying to get caught up on some of my chase logs since things are going to be quiet for a bit.

Probably the shortest chase of the season for me. A small line of storms formed out to the west and gave some appearance of intensifying if it met a more favorable environment which happened to be just to the NE of the cities.

Love when things come together right in your backyard. Even when they don't produce. As they say:

"Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained"

15 minutes after pulling the trigger, I was sitting in a parking lot just off I35 waiting for the approaching cells. One portion which ended up passing right over me, showed the most possibility with a fair amount of updraft associated with the line.

Certainly gave me reason to hang for a bit. Unfortunately, the gut was telling me it wasn't going to produced given the lack of local shear to get things spinning.

I did decide to follow the movement of the storm briefly but, Forest Lake ended that choice quickly by cutting out a lot of east travel options. I did note a rather brief funnel over the lake but it dissipated so quickly as to be non-reportable. And I wasn't in a position to record it so, as the rules state: "It didn't happen" 

As I said, Probably a total of 90 Minutes start to finish for this chase. More often than not, these bust quickly. But for that small percentage of time they don't? well, I would've had it all to myself.

That day is coming. I can feel it.

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