Sunday, April 28, 2013

Let's get one thing straight...

First of all, I'm really getting tired of the "follow me" pimp up that so many in social media feel they now have to end every comment made in the SM ether with. Have lives become so meaningless that we now have to beg to be liked? That in order to feel whole we need to have no less than five thousand following  "twitterer's" at any one time to feel like life has meaning?

I am especially weary of the huge number of chasers out there who feel as though we need to hear about what they had for breakfast as they mount up for the days chase and the prerequisite "follow me" to close each and every tweet.

I did a little experiment:

I "followed" ten of these aggressive "I need your follow or my life is shit" twitter/chasers recently.

How many of these folks decided to "follow" Ol' Chase in return?




So I want back to check the statistics.

Seems I'm following some 150 people who share the same passion for storm chasing that I do and yet, out of that 150 or so folks, only 35 of them appear to have any interest in what I have to say or contribute to the greater good.

And yet these are the same ones that seem to feel they have to slam us with "Buy our shirt/hat/underwear with our new, NEW! chase season logo!" in between tweets telling us that their "stream is up" and to head on over to "" to watch the live 3D stream for only $2.95!

To those of you that took the time to follow me, thank you. I hope we can meet in person away from all of this social hierarchical bullshit and enjoy a storm on the road together sometime.

For the rest of you?

Nobody really cares.



Seriously People?

There were obviously quite a number of chasers bored out of their minds today to chase this crap.

Carry On.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Stream Is Up!

We're just testing our systems. I've placed my camera looking out the window from my Office. We should begin to start seeing snow here within the hour. It is now 2100Z. We are expecting somewhere on the order of 6-9" before the storm passes around @ 1200Z 4/23.

Snowfall with rates of up to an inch per hour should guarantee thundersnow sometime during the event.

Feed will stay up until approx 0500 4/23.

Hopefully this will be the last we see of the snow for the season!

Go over to the "Live Chase Map" page. You should see my vehicle icon. Click on that to see my video feed.

Let me know if you have any issues seeing the feed.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Possible Tornado Outbreak 04/17-18/2013

I'm baaaaack!!!

Did'ja miss me? Yeah, didn't think so...

Well? after a four month sabbatical I'm ready to get back to doing what I do best:

Driving long distances, chasing marginal conditions, and completely over thinking the day's forecast to where my head hurts before I even leave the driveway. Fortunately, I invested in a couple of more software tools to increase my daily overload of data even further.

Perhaps this season, conditions will actually germinate to where I can actually make use of these tools and correctly place myself in an area of storm viewing with two or three hundred of my fellow chasers and maybe record the incident as proof that the bucks I've spent to this point wasn't completely in vain...

Sounds like a great hobby eh?

Here's the setup right now:

Wednesday sees Central Oklahoma and SE Kansas as the focal point for a possible outbreak of tornadoes. Many of the ingredients line up according to models but, some speculation still exists as to timing and location of initiation.

Thursday moves things to the east somewhat and some forecasters feel this may be the more severe of the next two days assisted by a strengthening surface low over MO drawing warm gulf moisture across a eastward moving cold front.

In either case, both days will require close monitoring of the weather and immediate action taken if conditions warrant. make sure you have a fresh set of batteries for your NOAA all hazards radio and test it prior to the onset of severe weather and please heed all warnings applicable to your area.