Tuesday, December 10, 2013

An Alternative Dashcam for Chasing.

I always enjoy finding new ways to reuse old items. Case in point:

After my fourth close call traffic "incident" in one day, I decided it was time to look at mounting a dashcam in my vehicle to record my daily commute and at least give me a leg up if some bonehead decides they're not going to accept responsibility for their part in the wreck that either takes me out or one of my fellow drivers because of their stupidity.

I've gotten quickly tired of people who can't show a little restraint while behind the wheel and insist on making sure they're out ahead of everyone else on the road by weaving in and out of lanes, cutting off those behind them, failing to yield, failing to signal, etc. You know the ones.

Now I don't claim to be an angel of the pavement myself. But I have at least enough sense when in city commuting traffic to know I'm not omnipotent. And when others feel their travels are more important than mine to the point where my safety becomes secondary to their mega-mocha latte in the morning? Well, I'm going to have as much evidence as possible to assist law enforcement in making sure John or Jane Latte gets taken off the road for a while or at the very least, have some money sucked from their wallet.

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