Sunday, April 6, 2014

Mounting Up.

Suppose it's time to begin entering the blog pages again. Our first 60 degree day in what seems like eight months had me working on a new addition to the windscreen.

I decided in the hopes that we'd get the opportunity to stream from an iPhone this season, that I'd make sure it's in the plans and running parallel to the rest of the regular equipment. Perhaps if things work well, some equipment will be able to be removed without eliminating function.

I'm going to use a well designed Ram Mount and operate an iPhone as an additional front forward recorder using a great app called "iSymDVR". Which not only records camera video, but superimposes real time location information on screen. Its main usage is more for dashcam functions, like supplying evidence in crash situations or recording the moron that cuts you off while flipping you off.

Here are my positioning plans at the moment. Subject to change of course...


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