Saturday, May 17, 2014

Kansas City, Kansas City here we come...

Got to have a couple of KC's finest brewing product before hitting the road for a week of chasing. Gets the chase juju lubricated for positive vibes.

Leaving tomorrow morning for a leisurely drive south into KC where my domestic/chase partner and I will sample KC's food, drink, and fun for a couple of days before hitting the road to see where the wind takes us.

Models hint at several opportunities  in the mid-week which we will watch closely. There may even be a play on Monday afternoon/evening in SE NE. 

No major outbreaks expected this week. But a good shot at various isolated supercells popping up throughout the Great Plains. Hope is the marginal conditions will keep many chasers who would be out at this time of year, home for another week or so allowing us to grab a few storms before the on-rush of yearly chaser groups descend on the area.

I plan to try to blog at least once or twice a day depending on our travel demands. We'll be posting things to Facebook and Twitter as well so keep a look out for all things social media!

Wish us luck!

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