Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Why I Hate HDR.

Here's a photo I took near Hutchinson MN the other day of a very unappealing shelf cloud headed toward my position. Self admittedly, a shitty, low contrast, low detail, photo due to primarily a poor exposure choice from the automatics of the camera. 

But wait! let's flip on and render this piece of trash with HDR and as if by magic, Oh. My. GAWD! why to some? this would be an award winner just due to it's INSANE look. I mean this thing looks as though it's ready to steamroll everything in its path!

Take out the chrominance and it just looks like the world is imploding. You just can't believe I would have the balls to stand there waiting for that storm to give me a better destructive smile!

The art of photography is about capturing a subject using light, and perspective at a specific moment in time.
HDR is nothing more than a crutch to incite drama into a mediocre photo to which chasers have turned to when they need to sell photos to fund their chasing endeavors. There are actually some who feel this type of "Moment Manipulation" is perfectly acceptable to enter into photo contests and then promote said picture by posting it on social media as often as possible while asking for votes.

And yes, it may look cool and such but remember, it's not an accurate representation of the moment. They cheated for the drama aspect not because they were a good photographer, but because they were good with a software filter. So just remember,

A polished turd, is still a turd...

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  1. Actuating the shutter button on your camera can cause the picture to be blurred and unusable. But in any case you can fix anything with hdr software.