Saturday, March 21, 2015

Glencoe/Hutchinson MN 07/07/14


Looking at my "Draft" file just now found four entries in incomplete form. So I guess I'm going to have to drag out my memory of this event kicking and screaming. As I recall, this day was an "Iffy" one at best. But given the storm starvation diet everyone seemed to be on, plenty of us took the bait...

The nice advantage to this setup was I wasn't going to have to go clear out to the Dakotas to meet up with the line and I chose Glencoe MN as my initial target. I finally chose to wait it out in between Glencoe and Hutchinson MN. when I began to see some evidence of a robust updraft in the incoming line.

Which was pretty much eliminated by the cap that was in place at the time.

As the line approached, There appeared as though a couple of cells had broken off and were ahead of the main approaching line. If there was going to be anything producing, this was going to be it since it had basically all of the attention of the atmosphere forward of the now expanding squall line behind it. And it really did have some significant updraft as evidenced by the small rotating wall cloud on the approach.

Well, within that period of a few minutes, the storm evolve into a shit show of outflow domination and I was (again) treated to a mean assed shelf with about a 70 MPH gust front greeting me.

Once the line came over me, Time to call it a day. I basically surfed it all the way back to the cities. I've got to learn to hold my horses, let the line pass over me and drive back on the back side. But that presents a new set of problems if I have to go through areas experiencing short term flooding and all the stupid drivers associated with that end.

As I said up front, it was a flip of the coin type setup. Had the cap busted, I would have been right there for the main show. It was disappointing but not unsatisfying...

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