Wednesday, April 29, 2015

OK So I Lied...

I guess I should know better than to say I will never do something ever again.

I speak of my earlier decision to jettison my ability to stream to the masses. Come to find out, several folks asked if I was going to do it again this year. Well? after further review, my reasons for not streaming have been pretty much unfounded and the system simplified tremendously.

So much so that it should now be nothing more than a "push of a button" to place my stream "on the air"

Truth be told, last years performance (or lack thereof) of my original streaming provider really put a sour taste in my mouth so much so that I kind of felt duped. Promises made early in the season that drew me in never made it to fruition and any questions regarding the improvements to the streaming site were basically met with radio silence.

I jumped over to Severe Studios late last season and never really had the opportunity due to lack of weather to see how their system(s) performed. So? lets give it another go.

In the next couple of days I'll set up their "Zoom Radar" on the "Live Chase Map" page allowing you to locate me and watch my adventures just as you have in the past.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Dashboard Lightning Show North Oaks MN 040115

After I finished my field photo session, I attempted to get back to the leading edge of the line in order to get a few more shots. It was for naught except for my continuously rolling dashcam which captured several positive CG strikes as well as a few base crawlers.

And here is the frame series covering the time I was out:

Friday, April 3, 2015


On the evening of May 6th 1965, a line of tornadoes traveled across the metro area destroying many areas in the path including the Spring Lake Park and Fridley areas which sustained much of the damage.

Radio Station WCCO was on the air at the time providing warnings, information, and listener reports live to listeners who were listening on their battery operated radios when power had failed to the affected areas.

'CCO received many awards for their community service providing crucial information to the general public and undoubtedly saving lives in the process.

With the 50th anniversary of this event fast approaching, take the time to go listen to the hours of recordings that have been saved and placed on the website "RadioTapes" and are a great piece of historical record of the "Fridley Tornado" and its aftermath. And as you listen remember that this was a time when all the modern conveniences, immediacy, and advancement of electronic news gathering we enjoy today didn't exist. Instead, first person eyewitness accounts via telephone ruled the day...

WCCO Radio Tornado and Severe Weather coverage airchecks

Photo Courtesy of the Pavek Museum of Broadcasting

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Lightning Show North Oaks MN 040115

As storms moved in, I set myself up in the green field in the map above for an unobscured view of the line of lightning rich cells coming up from the Southwest. Unfortunately, while the view was great, The line was moving fast and before I knew it, was on top of me. And when you are the tallest object next to a vehicle full of antennas in a forty acre flat field with lightning flashing all around you? The smart money is on not sticking around long...

Fortunately, I managed a few shots before Zeus started throwing bolts my way...

Best CG I've seen in years! I hope this is indicative of what's yet to come this season!