Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Chase 050315 Ramsey County MN

Alright, so it wasn't a chase per se. But the Maehem Mobile was out in the elements and took the brunt of the hail core that bulls eyed the Maehem Mansion. Without even getting behind the steering wheel, it gave me an opportunity to shoot some video with my a77 which hasn't seen the light of say in a while and I'm planning to use quite a bit this season. It worked great but I'm finding out a few things about the camera that I'm really not liking. Like positions of knobs and switches. It's crazy that even if you use a camera continuously, you can lose all tactile knowledge of it in a very short period of time.

This storm itself was no big surprise. It made its way in from out west on a cold front that came in around 17:00 local and brought in a nice leading edge gust front and hail core as it passed through.

Now let's see what the rest of the 2015 season has to offer.

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