Saturday, May 23, 2015

Chase 051715 #2 West Central MN.

A nice Sunday drive but, what a dud of a day chase wise. Basically, this was the day two setup from Saturday. The 30% was severely contracted in the second day one forecast but still concentrated on East Central MN and West Central WI as the focal point for later day storms.

Until the atmosphere was "scrubbed" by the morning storms that cruised through the metro. 

After conferring with my chase partner Brad Winger, we pretty much decided that the original target was plainly going to struggle to regain Td's and surface temps to establish another boundary for storms to fire off from.

Looking to the West and SW, it appeared that There was a sizable CU field growing with Td's and temps in the favorable range and sheer appeared to be just flying. CAPE was marginal at best at 1000J/Kg but we decided it was still worth the drive since there was an incoming cold front coming in from the west that things may latch on to for a ride.

We chose Shakopee MN as our meetup spot. Neither one of really wanted to spend the entire day driving if things did go to shit and we need to fold up the tent. It turned out to be a good plan.

The first wave of storms came in promising with several large isolated cells appearing as though they were going to play somewhat as we expected. That thinking quickly evaporated when they shortly began to fill in and become linear lining up parallel to us as we headed toward Hutchinson MN.

Game Over.

As you can see, there were several mean storms which if under different circumstances, most certainly would've netted us a TOR or two.

But fear not! you can actually ride along with us and share in our disappointment condensed in time thanks to the wonder of time compression. You can watch this roughly three hour and twenty four minute chase in the time it takes you to enjoy a beer. A blistering ten minutes thirty five seconds.

OK, fine. In the time it takes ME to enjoy a beer!
You may need one if you easily get carsick!

I hope everyone has an safe, peaceful, Memorial Day weekend.


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