Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Chase 071215 Central MN Moderate Risk

Nothing much to say about this one. Those who were early to the show were treated to a couple of short-lived tornados in west central Minnesota. It just didn't end up being what was advertised in the day's SPC day one.

I took a leisurely drive up toward Little Falls with the intent of meeting up with the leading edge of the storm for a possible UUUUGE! "Shelfie" cloud pic and maybe a little lightning.

By the time I reached Buckman MN, the party was already in full swing. I decided the prudent thing to do was to run parallel to the line for  a half hour or so and see if I could find an active point in the storm and grab some lightning with my Hood Cam. Little if anything came in the way of even remotely usable video.

Had an interesting moment crossing the dry line and able to record the instant condensation that takes place when you exit 67 degree air and enter 85/72 air.

Purely by chance, I decided to pull over for a moment to retrieve something from my back seat and end up interrupting a white tail doe's meal in the ditch. Something tells me that had I not pulled over when I did? I've a feeling the local food shelf would be receiving a "fresh kill" and I would be having a chat with my insurance agent. In any case, let this serve as a lesson: not only do we have to endure the perils of lightning, hail, wind, shit flying through the air at Mach 10, and sleep deprivation, we also have to be extremely aware of these "Ditch Rodents" and their propensity to ruin a chasers day.

One of the very few photos of the day focused in on the texture of the sky, the agriculture, and the land around it...

Be safe out there.

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