Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Well? Let's see how this works...

A new season. Time to clean out the old and come up with a new plan. A better plan.

It's what I do. I am an engineer. You know, Better, Faster, Cheaper. Always improving, always looking for that "better way", taking your lessons learned and applying them to the next.

I've decided one thing for sure. I'm not going to record my adventures eight ways to Sunday. Christ! Why have three different videos showing the exact same thing from a slightly different mount. Enough! I can't even finish my entries from last season because of all the "Media" I chose to capture with last year!

JPG's RAW, XAVC, GIF, MP4! And I've made not dime one from any of it because I concentrated too much on the product and not the moment.

Streaming? Gone. Although I will maintain some way of "getting out live"
It's going to be a one button push. Anything more than that, and it's going out the drivers side window. I can think of nothing more frustrating than concentrating on providing a feed to ungrateful viewers telling you how to shoot the storm in front of you all while the data meter is running $$. You're a chickenshit fuckwad if you fail to drive right up to the storm and give it a big 'Ol French kiss. Good bye.

So there you have it. I'm streamlining for me. A couple of tablets, a dashcam, my radios and a dslr. One antenna hanging off the roof this season... Not four. 


If we have a season like we had last year, at least I won't feel like I worked hard to get there.

And maybe I'll have some room for beer this year... Good beer.

Here a pic of the end result. From the backseat.

Where I never am.

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