Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Chase 051717 Northern Iowa, Owatonna MN, New Prague MN

We get two route maps on this one. GPS tracking unexpectedly quit on the first leg so, the backup was put to work. This is why we have backups.

Exactly one day after the Chetek WI tornado, a major portion of  Iowa, and slivers of SE MN and SW WI were under an enhanced outline in the 1630Z (i.e. 1130 CDT) day one outlook from the Storm Prediction Center.

10% TOR? Yeah, let's go.

Target: Mason City IA. As I head down to meet the front, this greets me.

I decided to keep out of Mason City proper choosing to hang out just North of the city. By this time, the sky was really beginning to boil.

A short time later, things just exploded and the chase was on... North.

And then the second tornado watch of the afternoon popped up. How fortunate, right where I was going...

Storm Prediction Center's Severe Weather Event Archive of this day

More to come as I sort through the photos and videos...

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