For me, chasing is a hobby. And for the past several years, a chance to run down a few storms in the hopes of meeting up with the elusive cone and document its amazing form and behavior safely. And I've been fortunate to run into many great folks with the same motives during that time.

I have been amazed with this weather phenomena since the days of black and white radar. And now that I find myself on the "other side" of middle age, am able to experience it even more.

And that's where "Chase" comes in.

I was on the Internet Archives one day and stumbled onto a film on Storm Spotting circa 1950 called aptly enough, "Tornado" Made possible as a public service by University of California Extension Media Center, United Gas Corporation, and Texas Eastern Transmission Corporation. Cooperation of WKY-TV, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and Southwestern Bell Telephone Company.

Admittedly, I got a good laugh at the now completely archaic rules to follow when a storm approaches and the insufferable acting from the citizens of "Elmville" demonstrating what to do. But it was then I realized I wanted an individual of that era to represent my chase efforts and remind me of the advancements we've made in the fifty some years since this film was produced and to not take things too seriously especially after going through a couple tanks of fuel while running a few hundred miles chasing a dry line that produces nothing.

In tribute of  those fine folks of Elmville and days gone by, please welcome my foil:

Mr. Chase Maehem

My plans with this blog are to bring anyone interested in storm chasing, an opportunity to ride along with myself and enjoy an opportunity to view nature's beauty and fury without leaving your seat. Both live and recorded and have some fun in the process.

While this isn't my first blog, this is my first attempt at incorporating all aspects of Social Media into my chasing experience. Please feel free to comment and offer suggestions as to how I can make this blog even better.

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