Retired my 2001 Ford Escape last year and purchased this 2012. I'm just so pleased with the performance of the vehicle that I just had to get another.

Here we see the drivers side of my 2012 Ford Escape. Nothing, is permanent. It can all be removed in a very short period of time. I prefer to make the vehicle as unobtrusive as possible. So all of the equipment is removed and stowed from sight so as not to "invite" theft. Really there's nothing special about the installation, it's pretty much the standard chaser vehicle setup.

Velcro is your friend in these circumstances.

A Garmin Nuvi backs up my main GPS receiver which is a puck mounted just below the Garmin on the dash. Always nice to have a "Wide view" of your surroundings along with the Microsoft Streets and Trips software providing the close up direction mapping.

Probably one of the best purchases I made was a Filmtools Gripper 115XL in-car windshield camera mount. 
Not only could I mount my HD Dash Camera to it but, drill a hole into the flex mount of the Microsoft LifeCam HD, Place a 1/4 20 screw through it and screw the mount to the bottom of the Gripper and you have two mounts in one! 
As you can see, both cameras are aligned in the same plane. You can be fairly confident that your web cam streaming shot will be similar in composition to your wide angle HD camcorder and you can use the camcorders viewfinder as your shot reference.

The sun shield on the viewfinder helps greatly when the sun's at a low evening angle.

One change for this season is opting for a dual band five watt radio mounted in a cell phone/cup holder mount. I originally had a mobile radio permanently mounted in my dash which limited my ability to chase in different vehicles if necessary. This Wouxun dual band radio proved to be an inexpensive solution. I'm finding any contact via radio to other chasers in the field is within a couple of mile radius and the need for a high power radio was overkill.
Adjacent to the radio is my Wilson Electronics Cradle Amplifier which has performed wonderfully last season. I use the My Wi app with my jailbroken iPhone 4 to provide the on-board hotspot that my laptop and any other devices use to access the internet.

Don't forget the safety gear! Lighting, rain gear, tools, and head protection in large hail situations.

I always throw in a couple of padded moving blankets. They have many uses!